Welcome to Chasing the Pork


A new wikia dedicated to documenting the movement and uses of funds appropriated by the The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. Chasing the Pork started with a simple idea:

"Wouldn't it be great to keep track of how long it takes the money to get spent, what actually happens on the ground and so on? There's no way a reporter can follow it. Or an economist. So let's use the wisdom of crowds, the many-eyeball approach."

Russell Roberts on Cafe Hayek.

This wiki was launched, along with a blog, in order to put that idea in motion.

The stimulus bill is to be implemented "with unprecedented accountability measures built in" and written into the bill is the creation of a website,, that will report on status of the funds. One could argue that Chasing the Pork is redundant to We argue that it is not. Chasing the Pork is a celebration of the First Amendment, an exercise of due diligence and an example of the potential of social networks to empower all citizens.

Helping out

We are currently looking for admins to help get the site up and running, please email me at Max Marty or leave a note on the forum if you're interested.

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